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Mom Calls For The Dogs, But There's 1 Problem. Look Behind The White Dog!

Maybe it was time for dog to go home, maybe it was time for a light snack, I don't know, but what I do know is that the cat knew everything! Wait, what? What cat? Well you see Siri heard her mommy and while her sister walked straight to her mommy, Siri couldn't understand why she wasn't moving forward!

Well how could she move forward? How in the world when the cool cat from behind her was holding on to her leash, refusing to let go?! Can you argue with a cat? Nope, not even a dog can, so what the heck! This cat just refused to let go of Siri's leash for whatever reason, while Siri just stood there in utter confusion!

Take a look at this hilarious clip!

Did you see that? That cat is all about some serious leash business! Wonder if the cat ever let go, but oh well, it was fun! Don't forget to share this with your friends too!
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A Rest In The Shade Gets Dog A Forever Home

One day in Paraguay, it reached 104 degrees, the pavement was hot under this dog's pads and this dog needed a cool air conditioned place to be. So, he decided to break into an ATM room and sat there. A passerby took a pic and it went viral and from there this lucky ducky has a new forever home!

This dog is now names Fresco which is Spanish for cool. After the social media frenzy people wanted nothing more than to give him a forever home.

This was not easy because no one knew the location of the ATM so they asked a digital agency called Anologica to ask questions on social media which led them to the location. The director of Anologica also fell in love with the dog and tried his best to help him out. Once he was located he was taken to a vet and treated him for minor injuries. After two days at the Vet he was turned over to his rescuers that had to find a home on Facebook for him. It only took maybe 2 hours to get someone who jumped at the chance to have a new dog after losing their last one.

After Fresco and the rescue had a meeting and it was verified he was going to a good home, he was adopted. This dog will never have to look for another cool place to be!

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