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Military Dog Has Been Seperated From His Partner For Two Years, Then She Hears Her Name

Sergeant Jason Bos and Cila, his K9 partner, went more than a hundred missions together in Iraq for five years. Sadly, Bos retired in 2012 due to an injury in his back, he went back to America without Cila.

Bos never stopped thinking about Cila, who retired after 2 years! He was flown to Chicago by the Mission K9 Rescue and American Humane Association. Bos was waiting for Cila at O’Hare International Airport, where they reunited again. Watch the video above to see the heartwarming reunion.
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Dog Saved Owner from Self-harming caused by Asperger's Meltdown ….. That's amazing!

Self-harming causing by Asperger's Meltdown

Danielle Jacobs is a patient of Asperger's Meltdown. The patients of Asperger's Syndrome has the capacity of self-harming, which is an alarming and threatening situation. Those people who suffer from this disease, get into self-harming episodes. Similarly Danielle also indulged in such types of episodes of self-injuring. Danielle was diagnosed with the symptoms of this disease during 2013. Soon, he got the way to get rid of this disease, as he did it with the assistance of loving dog, named Samson.



Dog Saved Owner

Samson was found by the Danielle from animal rescue center situated in Phoenix, Arizona. After meeting with Samson, Danielle decided to adopt him. He adopted him and gave him different training session to help her and to stop her from hurting during self-harming episodes causing by Meltdown. Samson provide adequate and appropriate assistance to fight against this disease. The dog, Samson, saved her owner from self-harming and aid him to get out of this condition. This is certainly gratifying and heartwarming to come to know, how dogs save her owner from Asperger's Meltdown.

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