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Little horse sits on a hay pile and she astonishes everyone when she gets up!

Meet Lady Nadira

Nadira is a Swahili word which means 'rare" and it perfectly fits the description of Lady Nadira which is a rare foul that was born on 9thFebruary, 2016. The special thing about the baby horse is that she is a product of two animals. Let's enlighten you about her parents as her father is America's sole remaining few-spot gypsy stallion from where she gets her distinctive spots and her mother is a bay leopard haflinger.

 Good looking and good natured

As soon as she came to this world, she got famous and started to get attention from everywhere and from around the world. She now has her own Facebook page from where you can get all the updates about her. She has a rich cream-colored fur which is amazingly similar to cookies and cream ice cream. The best thing about the foal is that not only she is good looking but she is good natured as well. She gets along really well with the dogs that live alongside her at her farm.

The fact is that she is a bit taller than the dogs and she will continue to get bigger but that doesn't bother her as she makes sure that her interactions with the dogs are gentle and polite. She has a tender temperament and that is one of many reasons that everyone loves her and she has gotten famous worldwide. No one knows what future holds for Nadira but one thing is for sure that she is going to get a lot of love wherever she goes.

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Blade the Tortoise is given Lego Wheels to cope with his growth disorder

Tortoises are expert in winning the races in a slow and steady way. But Blade is one specimen who cannot win a race even if he wants to do it in a slow way as he has got a growth disorder that has affected his legs. He finds it difficult to move or crawl.

This small tortoise was suffering with a big problem until his sympathetic and innovative owner, Iris Peste, who thought in terms of walkers, rollers or prostheses for this adorable creature. He came up with an innovative solution.

He thought immediately of LEGO's building blocks that his son used to play with and fit them to the underside of the shell of the tortoise. He made two wheel sets to support the body of the critter so that Blade could move around on wheel until his legs healed over a long period of time. He changed Blade from a crawler to a Blade Runner.

This temporary wheelchair arrangement for Blade is a makeshift one as it can be taken off easily. Once the legs heal, this support will not be required. This present transformation is simply amazing. Blade is able to wheel around without much difficulty. The wheels have given his legs an opportunity to exercise and develop strength in its own sweet time.

This is practicality and innovation at its best, especially when it has gone on to help a tortoise in need.

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