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Little horse sits on a hay pile and she astonishes everyone when she gets up!

Meet Lady Nadira

Nadira is a Swahili word which means 'rare" and it perfectly fits the description of Lady Nadira which is a rare foul that was born on 9thFebruary, 2016. The special thing about the baby horse is that she is a product of two animals. Let's enlighten you about her parents as her father is America's sole remaining few-spot gypsy stallion from where she gets her distinctive spots and her mother is a bay leopard haflinger.

 Good looking and good natured

As soon as she came to this world, she got famous and started to get attention from everywhere and from around the world. She now has her own Facebook page from where you can get all the updates about her. She has a rich cream-colored fur which is amazingly similar to cookies and cream ice cream. The best thing about the foal is that not only she is good looking but she is good natured as well. She gets along really well with the dogs that live alongside her at her farm.

The fact is that she is a bit taller than the dogs and she will continue to get bigger but that doesn't bother her as she makes sure that her interactions with the dogs are gentle and polite. She has a tender temperament and that is one of many reasons that everyone loves her and she has gotten famous worldwide. No one knows what future holds for Nadira but one thing is for sure that she is going to get a lot of love wherever she goes.

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There are fighting pits for dogs in China, where dogs have to fight to the death

'Just for entertainment"

We all have heard the story of Hachiko the dog that inspired millions of people in Japan and for that reason he is known to be one of the most faithful dogs. However, the sad fact is that it is quite the opposite in Japan where the dogs are either slaughtered mercilessly in the disgraceful Annual Dog Eating Day festival or they are forced to fight to death in the fighting pits. At first, it even sounds unbelievable but is true and it is actually happening in China.

The stranger fact is that when the villagers were asked about this, they said that they have to be more creative in conceptualizing their source of entertainment. They are concerned about other people visiting their town so they have to provide some sort of entertainment to the visitors. Another logic the villagers presented was that fighting the dogs in the pits gave them a thrill of watching two gladiators in the final days of spring celebrations. They responded to the criticizers by saying that those who criticize have all the money to pay for entertainments but the dog fighters have to arrange for entertainment themselves.

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Strange reward for the winner

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The first picture of the fighting pit shows how ferocious and cruel it is for the dogs that have to fight for their lives in the fighting pits. You can clearly see that their mouths are bleeding and the reward for the winner is just a pack of cigarettes and a china mug. This is really disturbing because more than 100 festivals are organized by Northern China and dog fighting has always been a sick tourist attraction since its beginning.

Unfortunately no action can be taken

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The saddest fact is that no action can be taken against the people who organize the dog fights for tourist attraction. This is because there are no animal rights in China and hence no official complain can be filed. You can see in the picture that a man is provoking the dogs in order to make them fight harder.

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The third picture in the series presents a view of the fighting pits from upwards and it shows people recording the videos and taking photographs of the fighting dogs. It looks really sick and that’s why it has drawn outrage from dog lovers from all around the world. The strange thing is that imprisonment and penalties are given to the people who hurt the dogs or a dog or animal owned by someone else. Since the competition is open to anyone, most of the people just grab the stray dogs and make them enter the competition as if they were their dogs. Animal rights activists in the area are really distressed about how dogs are being treated there. Cuhng Lu is an animal rights activist who stated that there is need of an animal cruelty law in China to deal with such events. If there is such a law, people would abstain from doing such things or participate in such events. Shi Pan, the defiant of this idea said that it was a great success and he plans to take part in the event next year as well.

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The disturbing and barbaric fact is that such fights are actually legal in Northern China so hundreds and thousands of dogs die and suffer because of it. This is actually barbaric and you can see in the picture that one dog is tearing apart another just because he has to survive and he would be on the other side if he doesn’t kill the dog.

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Two dogs fight each other to death and the brutal thing is that the competition is open to the strangers and anyone can enter. That’s why people even grab stray dogs to enter the competition “just for fun” and don’t even care about the poor dogs.

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The picture shows that the crowd actually gathers from adjoining villages as people come in huge numbers to witness this act of brutality and animal cruelty. These are all the people who don’t even have a soft corner for the canines and they would rather watch them die fighting “just for entertainment”.

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. As it can be seen from the picture that the fighting pit is not as big as one might think but it is big enough to be held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of dogs. The dogs don’t have any choice but to fight to the death just for the amusement of the people gathered there.

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Now comes a really disturbing picture for the dog lovers as they can see a dog grabbing the head of another in his mouth and chewing it off. A man stands behind them to record this act of brutality. Even the top breeds of dogs have to struggle to stay alive in China.

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. The organizers of the fighting pits for the dogs say that the event was a huge success and they plan to carry on his “tradition” for many more years to come. A lot of organizers and locals were asked if they found it brutal and cruel but they said that they find this act as a source of entertainment for everyone. One can only feel bad for the dogs fighting there because it looks like there is no escape for them from this cruel place unless the government makes an animal cruelty law.

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Yet another disturbing picture where two small dogs are fighting each other. It can be seen easily that they are no fighting dogs but stray dogs and the villagers have caught them just so they can enter the competition. This has to stop soon before more and more dogs suffer from it.

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