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Komondor Dog Cooling Down In River Makes For Unusual Sight

We blinked twice when we saw this dog floating in the water. That’s because she looked so much like a mop that we didn’t think she was a dog until her head lifted up. Hanga is a Komondor and her human, who lives in Kaunas, Lithuania, shared the adorable video of Hanga enjoying a dip in the water.

Her human writes:
"On a hot summer day here in Lithuania, my Komondor Hanga decided to cool herself down in a river.”

She seems to be really enjoying her dip and her corded coat may actually be keeping her buoyed in the water as her fur floats on the surface of the water.

Watch Hanga swimming in the cute video above:

Komondors are a breed more commonly known as the Hungarian sheepdog. They have distinctive long, corded coats and are often referred to as a "mop dogs” for obvious reasons. As a breed, they are very protective of their homes and owners and are employed as livestock guardian dogs – their ancestral
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