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How to Become a Responsible Dog Owner?

A responsible owner understands that his/her dog is a living being first and then a pet that belongs to him. So there's more than loving and adoring your dog when it comes to being a responsible owner. The title of responsible dog owner demands a commitment and requires performing your essential duties. As a responsible owner you not only need to fulfill your dog's basic needs, but you have to provide your pet with painstaking care. Here's how.

Building the everlasting bond of friendship

Creating a bond of friendship requires giving time on regular basis to your dog, attending to its needs, and providingentertainment and care. The bond is created as the time passes. Initially it may take a few weeks before your dog is finally comfortable with you, but thereafter keeping and maintaining the bond is a lifelong process. Try to make your dog a part of your daily routine. Think about him, think what he wants to do and what he wants you to do for him/her.

Make Commitment for not abandoning the dog

Before you go to purchase your new pet, make commitment to yourself that you will not abandon your dog in the worse times. This is because buying adog is not like getting new furniture for your house. You have to be aware of the animal's feelings and the impact your presence is going to have on him and vice versa. Therefore consider all the possibilities and make a pledge to yourself before buying a new pet dog. Later you can't trade him/her in if it gets sick, you get very busy with your daily routine, or if the dog gets sick.

Provide for your dog

You have to look after the needs of your dog and fulfill them at the earliest. Buy him/her food that's healthy for him, if it gets sick it's your job to get him healthy once again. Consider your dog a member of your family that you can't leave behind in any way whatsoever. A dog's physical and mental health is dependent of fresh and clean water, healthy food, comfortable sleeping place and shelter, as well as tools of fun and entertainment. Be aware if your dog is hurt or needs medicine and immediately consult your veterinarian.

Stimulate your dog's mental activity and senses through training

Mentally active and healthy dogs are a lot happier. Mental training is as much essential for your dog as proper diet and health. A dog that is mentally mature and knows how to behave in public is more socially likable and is less likely to misbehave and upset other people.Consider your dog a liability for its actions. That way you are fully responsible for whatever results from its misbehavior.

Have proper identification for your dog

You cannot be a responsible dog owner unless you have provided proper identification to your dog. Your dog should wear the identification collar at all the times. This is extremely necessary so that if your dog gets lost it can be safely returned to you instead of becoming one being homeless forever.

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