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Healers come in all shapes and forms, Keep reading to find out more.

We live in an age of doctors and advance medical treatments and thing like holistic medicine is definitely something people would laugh at. Nowadays people find swallowing Pills safer which come with side effects printed on separate paper inside the medicine rather than just by relaxing and taking a retreat.

 There is special horse retreat which some people might laugh at or make joke about but for many it's no joke and these people swear on its efficacy. The Equinsity Retreats is a 325-acre estate where horses are bred to love humans, but actually they are just kept free most of the time in their natural state.

These horses have no problem with snuggling with humans and are very comfortable because they are brought up with so much love and affection. These horses might seem a little slow and weak when you see them lying around but actually they are perfectly healthy have no medical problems instead. They roll around the floor and snuggle with humans who come to this retreat to rejuvenate their soul and to be born again. People who have been to this retreat say that they can feel a deep and ancient energy around these animals. They say it's a life altering experience.

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Baby Monkey Kept In A Chicken Coop And Drink Only Condensed Milk, Was Finally Rescued

Just about the worst thing anyone can do is hurt a defenseless child or animal. Yet, some people consciously do just that. It makes my blood boil. But thankfully, there are also some kindhearted people out there who refuse to stand by and let people abuse children or animals.

What do you do if you see someone hurts a peaceful animal or children? Unfortunately, some sick people do that! This makes the blood of any human boil. On the other hand, there are also some great people who refuse to see abused animals or children.

Budi, a little monkey, struggled early in his life. He found himself in a chicken coop alone .The cage's life was mischievous to Budi's spirit and health. Unfortunately he was finally rescued, and has undergone a great transformation!

The International Animal Rescue Budi after 10 months in the coop. he was only fed with condensed milk by his previous owner. So his legs were deformed.

Budi's brave rescuers didn't give up, so they did what they could to save him. The vets worked all the time to save Budi. He also received pain medication and nutritious food.


Budi finally becomes well and he has several new friends. How adorable that is!

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