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Giant Dog Breaks Out In Song When Hearing His Favorite Song On TV

Having a favourite song is normal for everyone. Anyone starts singing without hesitating when his favourite song starts. Actually, not just humans, who have favourite songs, animals also have favourite songs.

The video below shows a Dogue de Bordeaux called Frank gets so excited and starts dancing when the song ‘’No One’’ for Alicia Keys starts. You can see that he directly starts perking up when his favourite song is played on the TV like saying it is my song! What a reaction!

Frank was about to sleep in front of his owner, who was watching TV, when suddenly ‘’No One’’ started on air! That was when Frank directly awoke as he was not even sleepy! He instantly realized that this was his favourite song and started moving with its beat.

The best thing was that his reaction was caught on camera. You can see in the video below that he starts barking, howling, and jumping with the beat trying to make a great performance to his favourite song’s beat. His owner posted the video, that you do not see every day, online in 2010 and it is still famous these days between people and animal lovers! What a great performance! Watch the video below to have more information.

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