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Father Lets 100 Lb Dog Sleep In Crib With Baby Only To Have Captured Footage Make Headlines

Friendship is one of the most powerful things in world, no matter if it is between humans, animals, or animals and humans, friendship is still friendship.

The video above perfectly proves that friendship knows no limits, it shows a little girl sleeping in her bed with her dog! The shocking moment in the video, that was taken by Kyle Leary, his father, when Adalynn Leary, Ady, covering the dog, Fury, to keep him comfortable! Watch the video above to have more information.
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During a Ocean Cruises a Strangest Of Creatures Looks Like A Crocodile Found By The Iranian Navy In The Ocean

Unexplored world

There are still a lot of areas of the world left to be explored that we wonder when we will be able to explore the whole world. During a Ocean Cruises a creature looks like a crocodile, but actually it is not. Just because of the fact that the whole world has not been explored, there is now a special branch of conspiracy theory called cryptozoology that is devoted to the study of rare creatures and mysterious animals. It is extremely interesting as everyone wants to learn more about strange and mystical creatures world doesn't know much about.

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It was two years ago when the crew of a supply vessel and during a Ocean Cruises, came to find this and the pictures taken by them a little more than disturbing. These pictures have stirred a frenzy among the theorists and everyone seems to have their own theory about this strange creature. From its looks, it looks like a twisted Loch Ness Monster but what it is doing in Persian Gulf is a mystery. The supply ship didn't bring the creature in for the doctors to take a look so it remains a mystery. Even it has a crocodile tail, but is from another view it is not.

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