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Family Writes Note About Dog They Have To Give Up - 'Rhino Lightning' Goes Viral

A family thought it was a good idea to have a dog. They soon found out that Rhino Lightning was a little too much to handle and had to give him up because of their young children. They left him to the good graces of the Humane Society where Carrie Glagin says, 'Today, we hope will be Rhino's big day. It looks like we have a family coming in to see him.' Fingers crossed!

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An Abused Dog Living In Dumpster for 11 Months Finally Rescued

The mindset of even a murderer is easier for us to understand than that of the people who abandon their pets and leave them at the mercy of outside environment. Really what kind of people does that horrible thing to such little innocent creatures of God?! This beautiful dog was recovered by the great people of Hope of Paws when they received a call about this abandoned dog.


Turns out this innocent dog was living in the dumpster for 11 whole months all alone. Imagine that life for this poor thing. It's hard to think of the pains and miseries he has gone during this awful period of his life. Living there, he was subject to abuses and sufferings. He became so much afraid of people and environment around him that he would hide in terror whenever someone tries to come close to him or approach him even for care.

All because of the people who could not support him and do not have a slightest feeling of mercy and care for animals. This type of people simply does not deserve to have mercy on them. Stiff penalties should be imposed on all animal abuses if we want to stop such event.

But thankfully enough, just as there as bad people, there also are some good caring people who have a gentle corner for people as well as animal around them. One such caring organization is Hope For Paws who are continuously doing good things for dogs. When this dog couldn't come out after much effort of everyone, they used their old cheeseburger and soft touch technique to finally convince him to come out of his spot. It just shows how much he needed that and how much he adored that. It's good to know that this dog is finally rescued and under the safe and caring hands of Hope For Paws.

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