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Family Dog Still Hasn't Realized He Has Just Been Abandoned, And Tried To Get Back In Car

Raising pets means that you have to treat them like your family, and even more. I still can’t understand how some dogs’ owners abandon their pets with no mercy!

The video  that was taken by CCTV camera shows a man abandoned his dog on street in UK.
The RSPCA, that helps animals in Wales and England, is still investigating to know the identity of that man. If you have any information contact them please! Watch the video above to have more information.
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Chihuahua Dog Is Trained To Wait, But Something Unexpected Happened

Small dog breeds like Chihuahua outsmart the larger ones most of the times. Their reflexes and the ability to think seem to be better than many larger breed of dogs. Like you will see in this video you will meet two bigger dogs and a Chihuahua who are being taught to have patience and not fight for the food or have it all of a sudden.

The way all three dogs exhibit their patience is impressive. Nobody moves until and unless the owner gives them the instruction and permit them to have the food. We can see that small Chihuahua waiting their keeping his eyes on the delicious treat of sausages, closely watching everything and being red alert. Just when the master says it is okay to have the food the little dog Elmo moved so fast and outsmarted his companions and takes home all three sausages.


The other dogs just stayed their watching him as he pulled his ultra-fast trick. The serene look on the larger dogs' faces is so enchanting and amazing.


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