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Family Dog Has Final Look Into Owner's Casket , The Footage Breaks Internet Hearts

The video above shows a touching moment for a dog, who had a chance to say goodbye to her owner.

Sadie, a 13-year-old dog, was raised from she was a little pup by Andy Baelieu, who suddenly passed away because of a heart attack. Unfortunately, Sadie lost about 10 pounds after just ten days of Andy’s death. She did not eat anything until she said goodbye and got closure from her dad casket. Watch the video above to have more information.
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This Monster Slapped and Almost Killed Innocent Yorkie, He Admitted His Crimes When Get Caught By Officials

This human confessed his brutal acts

Yorkie is an innocent puppy but his cold blooded owner almost killed him. This story belongs the Miami Beach, Florida, where police have witnessed the act of brutality. Sigman Hernandez the owner of Yorkie arrested by Police and he admitted that he was about to kill innocent Yorkie.

During the investigation Hernandez confessed to "slapping and possibly choking” in anger and rage. The six- pounds Yorkie who is Terrier bread suffered this pain because he was   vomiting in the car. When police called Hernandez for investigation, he started to tell them the fictional story that he carried the dog in his car because dog was abandoned and could be hit by a car of something else.
But after detailed investigation the truth was revealed. Hernandez admitted all his crimes and he also abandoned this The Yorkshire terrier. Dog’s rescuers dubbed him as Lily, an employee found him in his garage which is situated at West Avenue on April 7. Hernandez, 40, found guilty of commenting felony, and sentenced to the jail for 5 years and fined $10,000.

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