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Eight ways in which a dog can be stopped from biting

Dogs are the pets who act according to the way they are trained. Though they seem irresistibly cute but if they bite you, they can create a phobia in your mind about them. If for some reason your dog is in a horrible habit of biting, there are 10 ways that can make your dog stop biting.

Never use your hand

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When there is sudden surge of love or if we sometimes find our dog to be irresistibly cute, we use our hands to contend with them or fight with them in a loving manner. And in that bout the puppy bites us. What we don’t realize is that is bad training for your dog. If you want to play with your dog control your urge to use your hands. Instead use a toy.

Know when to stop the game

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Secondly, when the puppy bites, immediately stop the play and abandon him for a short while. This is a pretty good exercise as the puppy realizes whenever he bites, the play ends. This way he will learn to stop biting quickly.

Use a Tie Down

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While playing if your dog bites you during the course of play and chases you around for that reason, use a tie down (leash tied to something that it cannot move) to restrict the movement of the dog. However make sure while the dog is in tie down be present in the room for safety reasons. The dog can tangle himself bad and hurt himself. Be outside the reach of the dog though so when it calms down, go back and resume playing.

Stop and Go

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Most of us like having a dog that chases us while we take a walk or a hike for that matter. But a trait seen in some of these kinds of dogs is if you walk it triggers the bite. So whenever a dog (especially a pup) bites at your feet stop moving instantly till he removes his mouth. This way he’ll learn that whenever he bites the chasing stops and that is what the dog loves. It is better to have a dog on the leash when talking a night stroll in the nearby park. This way you can stop the dog if needed.

Be quite

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Don’t be surprised or panic when your dog bites you. Instead the pro dog trainers recommend you to stay quiet. It is because when a dog hunts down a prey, the prey screams. This motivates them to not let go. Same mentality applies here. The dog is an instinctive creature and if you scream, they’ll be encouraged to bite you.

Give him a toy

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The 6th way that you can stop your dog biting you is to put a toy or a bone when they bite you. Replace your body part with a thing such as a ball for example. This way gradually the dog will learn what to bite and what not to.

Don't Wrestle

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You have to treat your dogs like kids. Whatever you’ll teach them they will learn. We usually have a fake fight with our puppies. But if you want your dog to grow up to obey you, you will have to abandon this gentle wrestling because your dog gets ambivalent signals about what exactly the rules are. It is highly recommended to stop this act if your puppy is extra bitey.

Give him a time out

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However, there are times when your puppy is pumped up and he won’t stop biting even if you stop playing or try to walk away. It is preferred to put them in their puppy pen or friendly cage for a short while and give them a toy or a bone to chew on. This exercise doesn’t act on the dog’s mentality as a punishment. Instead it is to calm the puppy down and in doing so, he also understand what the rules are.

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