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Dog Has Been Saved From Fatal Burns, Couldn't Handle It When Sees His Vet Again

When West Palm Beach Fire Rescue responded to a fire, they did not expect to find a pooch in the middle of it. Someone tied the poor dog, who had burns all over his body, to a tree.
The dog was rushed to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue by Marcos Orozca, the brave firefighter who freed the dog. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue sent the dog to JPESC, Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, that are specialized in burns.


The 2-year-old dog, who was named Smokey, would need bandage changes, medicated baths, blood transfusions, and many other treatments. Dr. Latimer, the main vet for the dog’s treatments formed a nice with him.
Thankfully, Captain Gregg Gordon fostered him after he became well until he finds a forever home. The most adorable thing was when he saw Dr. Latimer, who saved his life. He could not handle his happiness. Watch the video above to see what he did, and tell us your opinion.
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