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Couple Accepted To Adopt Stray Dog From Kill Shelter Before Seeing Him

In 2011, a woman called Tray Whyatt followed her passion for saving the stray and unloved dog’s lives, who were in some kill shelters in Texas, and tried to find them new homes.

So, that helped them to open Tracy’s Dogs, their incredible company. They have adopted more than 3,500 dogs since then.

They always try to make new things that leave people shocked! The video above shows us a new way of introducing the dogs to their new owners! What a moment! Watch the video above to see the heartwarming moment, and tell us your opinion.
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Couple Finds Dog With Ears Cut Off Crying On Doorstep, Authorities Offered $5K Reward To Find The Abuser

Sharing this planet with animals is something that we should thank God about every day. But there are many people that do not understand this favor, as they hurt these innocent creatures. This story speaks about a poor dog who was abandoned, and it ended with him at Kaylee Doonkeen’s doorstep.

Firstly, Kaylee Doonkeen and her husband thought that the pup’s ears were just folded back. The dog was in complete pain, so they directly called animal welfare workers, who immediately went to the scene to find out that the dog’s ears were completely cut off. They directly took the pup, Rocky, to the hospital. Authorities offered at that time  $5,000  to any information that leads to the responsible, but unfortunately they couldn't.

Thankfully, he is now in a foster home.

Watch the video to have more information.

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