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Cleaning Up Pet Odor After Pet Accidents

Even rigorously trained pets happen to have a few accidents sometimes. The downside of these accidents is the stain and pet odor left behind. This can be a difficult problem to tackle. You have a double job of cleaning up the stains as well as discouraging your pet from repeating the incident. The stain if left longer becomes harder to come off and requires special attention. If you follow a simple step by step process, you may be able to clean up better and in lesser time.

At first, identify the soiled area in the house. If the pet has soiled a carpeted area, then you may have to observe properly to demarcate the area. Black light can help in identifying even older urine stains. Once you have found the area, mark it with chalk.

Washable linen

In the case of washable items like bedding, sheets or other clothes, it is best to machine wash them. Just add a pound of baking soda to the regular detergent and wash the soiled clothes. If the stain or odor continues to be present after machine wash, then you may need to rewash them with an enzymatic cleaner.

Wash off the pet odor from carpets and upholstery

Fresh urine should be soaked up immediately. Use newspapers and paper napkins to absorb urine from the carpeted area. Place a thick paper napkin roll on the affected area and cover it up with a newspaper. Place some weight on this padding for some time, then replace it with new bedding. Once you are assured that you have soaked up as much as you can, then you need to rinse off the area with clean water. Make sure to rinse it two or three times and then remove the water with a wet vacuum.

Older pet odor and stains

Unfortunately, if the odor and stains have set, the cleaning job becomes more difficult. Try renting an extractor/wet Vac machine from the local hardware store to clean up the heavier stain. Once the area is completely rinsed off, use high qualitypet odorneutralizer to remove any traces of smell. Any residual stain can be removed by using carpet stain remover. Avoid steam cleaning and strong chemicals for cleansing the carpet and upholstery.

Soiled floor and walls

The paint on your wooden floors and wallpaper may react to the acid in the urine. You may need to refresh the paint in that case. Consult a local hardware store to know the best method to follow.

Pet re-training

You also need to re-train your pet to avoid the previously soiled area to relieve himself. You would need to make the accident area unappealing to the pet and encourage the use of bathroom. You can place the urine soaked paper napkin rolls and newspapers in the bathroom. When your pet smells the odor he would be encouraged to use the bathroom for urinating. You may also need to visit the veterinarian to rule out any physiological reason for the behavior.

The re-training period would need some time, may be a week or more. Positive reinforcements can help in faster pet training. It is also important to remove all traces of pet odor from the house to discourage your pet from repeating the accident.

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