Brave police officer saves two drowning dogs by risking his own life

Faith in humanity restored

From time to time, we get to hear such stories where we are reminded that there are still good people in this world who would do anything to save the animals. This is the story of an extremely brave police officer who didn't think twice before risking his own life just to save two drowning dogs. Ed Prescott, a detective at the Grand Junction Police Department is a kind hearted man who got a call about two drowning dogs.



Even though Prescott is in the investigation division and he is not supposed to answer patrol calls but knowing that he was close to the area, he still did. He found out that two dogs had gone into water chasing ducks and the current was strong.

Knowing that it would take much more time for proper help to arrive, he jumped into water and tied the leashes of two dogs to a metal grate. He told the owners to move up current so the dogs would give their best to swim towards the owner once they see her. This brilliant idea worked and he grabbed the dogs by their collars and brought them back safely to the land.


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