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Brave Driver Jumps Into Forbidden Zoo Area To Save Drowning Chimp

It is known that jumping into a zoo enclosure is usually deadly, but in this story, it saved a life. In 1990, Rick Swope, a truck driver, did unexpected something during a visit to the Detroit Zoo.



When he, his wife and their 3 kids stood to watch the chimp exhibit, a fight happened between 2 chimps. Jo-Jo, one of the chimps, tried to escape, but he suddenly fell into a deep moat. Jo-Jo wasn’t able to swim, it could have been deadly. Swope, who was 200 pounds and 5’10, immediately jumped in and grabbed Jo-Jo.




Swope pulled Jo-Jo onto the shore, and he tried to keep the chimp from the slipping in the water. Swope said that the chimp was pretty lifeless, but he was still alive. Swope added that Jo-Jo was looking at him, and it was obvious that he knew what was happening.



Thankfully, Jo-Jo, who was good after Swope’s heroism, never attempted to harm Swope. Watch the video below to have more information.



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