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Baby Panda Meets Its Mother For The First Time, Their Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Panda is something we associate cuteness with. The baby panda Yuan Zai is no different if not cuter. This little newly born panda was separated from her mother Yuan Yuan right at the time of birth. The baby panda was injured and had to be put in an incubator for 39 days in order to survive and then it was time to reunite the infant with his mother but since Yuan zai was separated from his mother right at the time of birth, there is a possibility she might not recognize him so the precautions were taken.


Finally the moment we were all waiting for is here and reunion goes beautifully successful. A mother, never mind the species always knows of her children and this panda is no different, she immediately gets what's going on gets so excited to see her child for the first time after separation. At first it takes time for parental instinct to kick in and Yuan Yuan struggles to hold the baby panda properly eventually she gets the hold of it and nurses her child like any other panda would. The whole scene is a true gift of nature and how a mother and a child longing for each other finally come together.

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You will Never Guess What THis Farmer Found In His Backyard, It Is A Discovery!

A farmer named James Bristle living in Lima Township recently made an amzing discovery in his backyard.

Digging brings fortune

James Bristle is the name of this farmer who is extremely lucky to have found something ancient and unique in his own backyard. The reason for which he started digging his own backyard is not known but it did prove to be very lucky for him. When they faced difficulty in digging, they thought there's a bent fence post but when they took a closer look, they were shocked because it was a 15,000-year-old pelvis of a wolly mammoth.


Rare discovery

He immediately notified the relevant authorities about this and they sent paleontologists at the University of Michigan to his place. Students and volunteers took out 20% of the skeleton including the pelvis. They reached the conclusion that humans may have butchered him and decided to come back for him later. Bristle has donated the skeleton to professor Fisher and his team for further examination. They have named the skeleton as Bristle mammoth after the name of the discoverer to honor his donation.

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