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Baby Goat Day Activity Will Make You Smile

Adorably energetic goat

No matter if you ever had a goat or not, there's one thing about them that cannot be denied; they are absurdly energetic and adorable. They are acrobatic and are capable of doing things that other animals cannot. This is something that they can do in a closed space but if you leave them out in the open, you cannot imagine things they can do. This is exactly what this video is about featuring an acrobatic goat Maggie.

Maggie is a cute little baby goat living at Farm Animal that was founded back in 1986. This animal sanctuary has done massive things to fight against the animal cruelty and have given them love and care. This is why animals like Maggie live their life to the fullest at the sanctuary and her happiness can be clearly seen the way she reacts. She plays wildly out in the open and has loads of fun and when she is finally tired and had enough of it, mom steps in to tuck her to sleep.

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Extremely caring cat looks after other animals at animal shelter – Amazing!

Mother cat for everyone

A lot of times we hear the stories where parent pets look after other animals and take care of them. Each and every story shows the same thing that how well they animals understand who needs a motherly touch. Such is the story of a cat named Radamenes who is brought back to an animal shelter after he had been through hell. The amazing thing is that ever since he is brought back to the shelter, he returns the favor by comforting the other animals in different ways. It is his devotion and love for other animals that have made him local attraction and people come to see him from far off places. Here is his story in pictures.

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Radamenes is a black cat who survived a respiratory infection and somehow beat the death. He values his life now and has devoted his life to help and love the other animals at the shelter. He does this all by himself and no one taught him to do so and it is a joy to watch him doing that.

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His story is so tragic and sad that the people who brought them to the shelter thought that he would have to be put down because he was extremely sick. However, miracle happened and he started to make an exceptional recovery and vets had to work really hard on him to give him a new life.

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The vets were unsure about whether to save the cat or to put him down but it all came down to that moment when the cat purred. So the vets knew that there was still life in the cat and had to act fast and brilliantly to save him

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The cat made a miraculous recovery and to everyone’s shock, they saw the cat hugging and cleaning other animals. It put smiles on everyone’s faces as the acts of the cat were too cute to witness so they took pictures to share with the world this amazing act of kindness.

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The special thing was that the cat was extra friendly and caring with the animals with serious diseases. It was as if he knew about their condition and wanted them to get a miraculous recovery just like he did. Truly, his love and care for the other animals is absolutely amazing.

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The vets at the animal shelter jokingly gave him a title ‘full-time nurse’ as he would spend all this time playing with the animals and taking care of them. His spirit and efforts are really rare to watch these days but all he wants is to spread love all around.

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He is called a mascot by the vets and the pictures show him sitting with other animals and it actually looks like as if he is nursing them. Whether it is a dog or any other animal, the cat would take care of them equally and show them the true meaning of love.

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Despite the fact that black cats are considered as mean and selfish, Radamenes has proven it all wrong by presenting a whole new and different image in front of us. Everyone love Radamenes and wants to spend time with him.

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