Absolutely brave and courageous dog lover stops dog fighting and saves the life of a dying dog


Heinous form of animal cruelty

Anyone who so much as likes dogs casually cannot accept dog fighting as a source of entertainment in any form. What kind of entertainment it is when the dogs are suffering so much and fighting for their lives? Dogs who are forced to fight in such arenas are brought up in isolation and they spend most of their lives chained up in cages. They are brought up for fighting as they are given drugs which enhances muscle growth and encourages aggressiveness and viciousness.


It is a sad fact that despite dog fighting being a felony in 50 states of America, it is still active in every part of the country. Another sad thing is that there are humans who take joy in watching the dogs fight and tear each other apart. However, at the same time, there are humans who can't stand this cruelty and stand up to stop it.

Same thing happened in Wilmington, Delaware where the area was crowded with people who took joy in dog fighting but a kindhearted Samaritan couldn't stand this brutality. It is reported that the man took an action to save the dying dog as he told the law enforcement authorities that he witnessed this brutality himself as the dogs were fighting each other and people took joy in it. However, unlike the other people, he called the Brandywine Valley SPCA and waited for the help to arrive.

As a result of his actions, one of the dogs was brought to a shelter and was treated for some puncture wounds. The head, face and neck of the dog was smashed as a part of this vicious fighting and he is given a new name, Clancy.


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