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Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater

Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater Somebody Dumped There. When She Sees Rescuers? OMG

Thumbelina was found at the base of a profound pit, starved and isolated. The surrendered canine was glad to see rescuers appear. Hold up until you see her sweet response…

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Less Than A Month Puppy Bitten By A Big Dog – Vets Won’t Expect He Could Walk Again

This story speaks about a poor puppy, that was found in a pagoda screaming because of pain. The 1-month-old pup was suffering from a bitten leg.

He struggled to move as his front legs were deformed. Thankfully, he was found by the rescuers, who took him to the veterinarian to treat him. He is now getting better and will be available for adoption soon. Watch the video above to have more information.

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