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Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater

Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater Somebody Dumped There. When She Sees Rescuers? OMG

Thumbelina was found at the base of a profound pit, starved and isolated. The surrendered canine was glad to see rescuers appear. Hold up until you see her sweet response…

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Baby Elephant Takes A Bath , It is Hilarious!

Baby Elephant Dancing In the Pool

When it comes to water and swimming pools every individual enjoys, however, in this case even the elephants are just the same. The moment they come across water they just can't resist themselves no matter what. In Thailand there is a place where the visitors may feed and give bath to the elephants easily. This way, the tourists as well as the elephants enjoy a lot.


Fun Time for the Baby

This baby elephant in the video has been enjoying the best time of its life when given bath by the man. This man is busy showering water from the pipe over it and when it comes to the task of enjoying, the elephant leaves no room to enjoy. The elephant is so interested in the bath that the moment it comes to enjoying the baby is crazy after water. It has been splashing in the tub by coming out and then jumping back again. The baby loves the bath and the people giving the bath are also enjoying in the best possible way. This activity forms being the must have activity in Thailand and there shall always be a visit to this place to complete the tour.

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