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Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater

Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater Somebody Dumped There. When She Sees Rescuers? OMG

Thumbelina was found at the base of a profound pit, starved and isolated. The surrendered canine was glad to see rescuers appear. Hold up until you see her sweet response…

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A bizarre fish found in Russian river. What they found in his mouth is scary!

So this fish was found not so long ago in the Russian River and thanks to the social media, it got viral soon enough. A fisherman found this bizarre fish in the Russian River and it scared the hell out of him when he found human teeth inside his mouth. Angler Aleks Korobov is the name of the fisherman who was first suspected of being drunk when he told people about the characteristics of the fish.

However, after bragging enough about this discovery, the fisherman decided to contact the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography so that the fish could be examined properly. More information is expected to come on the surface after a detailed analysis is done by the institute. An autopsy is about to be performed to find out how the fish got such bizarre teeth.

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