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A collection for unique but great beds for dogs

Anyone who loves their dog wants to make their time on earth as comfortable and fun as they can. There comes a thing about choosing a bed for your dog and there are plenty of options available. One of the most common and convenient options, however, is to buy a DIY dog bed which is made of pallets. This is a great option because you get to customize it and it will surely be sturdy and comfortable for your dog. Take a look at these amazing beds made by dog lovers.

The Basic Bed

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Just about the right fit if you’re looking for a normal looking but portable DIY bed for your dog. The best thing about this bed is that it goes with pretty much anything in the house and can be customized to fit a dog of any size.

The basic bed with wheels

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As you might have guessed, this bed is pretty much the same as the previous one but it has wheels, so it can be moved pretty easily. Moving the bed around the house is no longer a problem as the pallet beds are heavy and the wheels actually come in handy.

Canine California King

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As the name suggests, this bed is made for dogs of big size and the large feel and space of the bed is something your dog will absolutely love. Despite its humble and simple looks, it will go with anything in the house and got everything for the comfort of your dog.

Modified bed

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Wouldn’t you love the idea of putting the initials of your dog’s name on the bed? Any dog owner would want that and the best way to do so would be by putting cut-out, painted wood pieces on the wood that are well crafted and look really cool and show your love for the dog.

Dog Futon

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If you are interested in a bed that is conveniently small yet provides enough space for your dog, this is the option you should stick to. How brilliantly the maker has used flat pallets and still has left some space to store things underneath. Despite the fact that there are no sides of the bed, it still is as comfortable and convenient as the other beds.

Full size bed

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This bed is only useful if the dog you’re buying it for has his own room. The bed is of large size and can accommodate a dog of any size easily. The back of the bed has cubbies and you can also customize the design for the dog to show off his things and stuff.

Upscale bed

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This bed is a great choice for anyone who is good with DIY beds and like to customize beds according to their preferences. The design of the bed is a bit fancier than the normal beds but all it takes is a pallet to make a great looking piece of furniture.

The Mini-pallet

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If you have a small dog then this must be a great choice because of the structure and design of this bed. Despite its small size, it offers everything like the other beds and besides being cute and comfy, the bed can be customized to match with your own bed to go with the style.

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