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A Sinister Dog Was Chained For His Whole Life. But When A Stranger Removed His Chain ... OMG

Chained for life

We cannot even imagine the pain of being locked in chains all our lives but this dog named Alex does. It is normal to get agitated and aggressive and even Alex's owner couldn't touch him so he called Humane Society to take the aggressive dog away. It was a seriously difficult rescue and getting Alex off the chains was a big risk. However, everyone was shocked to see that as soon as the dog was freed from the chains, he transformed into a completely different dog.


This video shows the change in Alex that came as soon as he was freed from the chains. All that was needed to make him a loving and calm dog was to give him his freedom with a bit of love. The ultimate truth was unfolded later that the guy who owned Alex, Steve Markwell was an animal abuser and he was also convicted of charity fraud by Washington State AG. The video has a happy ending that Alex was adopted by Ron Smith who gives him a loving family and all that he needs.

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