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50,000 Greyhounds Are About To Be Cruelty Killed Every Year, And No One Is Talking About It

The Spanish authorities, the king of Spain, and the entire country has just received a letter from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation to put an end to this revolting ‘tradition’. And there is also a petition online to gain some support from people to stop this tradition.

On February 1st, in honor of the Spanish greyhounds that are used to hunt we, commemorate World Galgo Day. This day symbolizes the fight to end the horrible fate that awaits these poor greyhounds.

"The Greyhound Holocaust”

But, when the haunting season is over, they struggle the worst in February. These greyhounds are cruelty murdered. They left to die because of thirst and hunger in a tiny crate, burned alive, or thrown off cliffs or down wells.

In these horrible, there are some lucky animals, who are released to roam free in the wild.

About 50,000 dogs are affected every year by "The Greyhound Holocaust”, according to local charities.

These dogs are seen as disposable objects by about 190,000 Spanish hunters. Life means nothing for many of these poor suffering dogs, because of this brutal tradition.


Fortunately, many local charities draw attention of these horrible acts hoping that animals will be in safe hands. A charity called the Baasgalgo Association goes around the affected areas helping to rescue stray Galgos and offering them some care and love.


Thankfully, many charities around the world are dedicated to saving the lives of the stray dogs and Greyhounds in Need, an English charity is one of them. Watch the video above to have more information about this horrible tradition.

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